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Don't Let Your Best Leads Get Lost in the Crowd.

With all the time and energy and capital you invest to attend a trade show, don't you derserve something more than a fishbowl full of random business cards?

Our Technology Brings You Closer to Future Clients.

Closer Communications, founded in September 2001, provides wireless CRM software and services that maximize the value of tradeshows and expositions. In the past few years, tradeshows have struggled to provide value.

With budget cuts and increased pressure to make sales, exhibitors and show management are both under pressure to differentiate the show experience. For show management, Closer offers the first new method to dramatically improve the exhibitor experience in twenty years. As a result, show exhibitors can gain more qualified prospects than ever before.

With the Closer system, tradeshows can offer a real opportunity for securing customer prospects, by eliminating the blind lead retrieval that exists today and offering tools for identifying customers, understanding show attendee behavior and managing leads after the show.

What We Do:

Closer Communications designs wireless customer relationship management systems for the tradeshow and exposition industry. Closer customizes these systems to the needs of show management, exhibitors, and show attendees. Our systems combine off-the-shelf and proprietary technologies, including customized software and hardware. The Closer systems enhance and add value to the tradeshow experience by more accurately aligning customer needs with exhibitors. With our system:

  • Exhibitors can determine if a trade show lead is a real prospect;

  • Show management can provide a better return on investment for its exhibitors by providing an accurate real-time picture of show activity, while eliminating the guess work behind every prospect that visits a booth;

  • Attendees can receive information that fits their needs rather than getting information from every booth they step into for a free t-shirt.

    Closer brings together real-time wireless and in-person communications in a way that provides new and extraordinary value to attendees and exhibitors. Our systems make the show experience more enjoyable, informative, engaging, and cost-effective.

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